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Some time ago i got into rubik’s cubes by accident. after a while i thought it would be nice to solve the cube using a different perception than the visual. i decided that i wanted something haptic.  so i went and designed some patterns that were

  • easily distinguishable
  • systematic
  • plain
  • easy to make
  • rotation invariant


    the result were three different basic shapes: cross, box, hollow box

    Cube Patterns

    “why no circle?”. well i decided to stick to the concept of straight lines. but i added some roundings just for a more comfortable feeling. anyway, it’s three basic patterns in a normal and diagonal version each since the colors on a rubik’s cube are also paired. we have [red/orange], warm colors on opposite sides of the cube, [white/yellow], bright colors and [blue/green], cold colors.  i wanted to keep that concept in order to have a better orientation when solving the cube. so each [normal/diagonal]-pair is located on opposite sides of the cube.

    finally the plates were cnc-milled out of  pcv and it was a really painful amount of work to clean them with steel wool.  it took a while till i got my fingerprints back. i peeled off the original labels of the rubik’s cube and mounted the plates using double-sided tape.

    54 plates later the cube was finished. the first days the cube felt a little uncomfortable, but it became better because the edges wore off. solving the cube takes me about five times longer than solving a normal cube, but it’s an interesting challenge every time.

    here’s a picture of the finished cube:

    finished cube

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