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So i had these three servos and thought about how to use them in a project.  i saw flexpicker robots on the internets which were really impressive. had to have one. found six ball joints in my drawer and started to do some cad. i needed twelve ball joints or at least something comparable, so i had to make six from scratch. a few days of cnc-milling and drilling later i had my delta-robot. now it’s time to find a purpose for this thing. i thought about attaching some kind of head to it with an integrated display. i plan to control robot and display via rs232 and a microcontroller. so there’s more to come.


delta robot in uncentered position


delta robot closeup


  1. Very cool! Will you provide CAD drawings for the parts you had to make?

  2. I can send you the Solid Edge files if you like.

  3. Cool! can you please send me the files as well? thanks

  4. Very…very…cool!!!!!!!!!!! Please send me file too. it is wonderfule…

  5. Can you please send me the files too? thanks

  6. please, can you send me the solid edge files too… thank you!!

  7. Can you please send me the files too? thanks

  8. hi
    kopf kopf kopf affe
    (you need to take care ur throat ….rs);;;;

    I searching on the internet for a delta robot project
    I like that he could be made ​​of simple and cheap by my CNC
    I liked the way your clean design
    you could send me the cad drawing files or similar?
    I change theirs a bit intend to use step motors
    I think could you give some more pages and text to this your project
    was very good … very…cool!

    thanks msnehhumam

  9. very nice and simple design ! can i have the files too please ? 🙂

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