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After two years of my colleagues telling me to built a quadcopter, i finally gave in and ordered parts from china. they arrived 6 weeks later and i started the build which was pretty straight forward.


i wired the KINGKONG 1806V2 2-4s 2280KV brushless motors to the Racerstar RS20A 20A BLHELI_S OPTO 2-4S ESCs and attached them to the Diatone Grasshopper G160 frame using zipties. i ditched the sketchy power distribution board that came with the frame and used a Realacc HUBOSD eco instead. that one includes an OSD so infos about the battery voltage and power consumption of the quad are inserted into the video feed. as a controller, i used the SP Racing F3 Acro which i flashed with betaflight. i used the standard settings for almost everything and the quad few perfectly on the first try. the camera equipment is a no-name cam and video TX that my colleague pulled from the back of his drawer. the video signal from the camera is routed through the PDB for the OSC. the remote control RX matches my spectrum remote control. the whole thing is powered by a 4S 850mAh battery mounted on top of the craft. not shown in the above image are the custom RGB LED holders that i designed and 3D-printed for that particular frame.


the quad was really robust, agile and fun to fly, see the video above (shot with an extra goPro mounted to the quad). unfortunately, i lost the quad a few weeks later because interferences in the video feed. we don’t know where it ended up and gave up on searching after three days. thus ends my first racing quad adventure. maybe spring 2017 will bring a new quad.

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