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I‘m a PhD student in computer science at bielefeld university, germany. i am strongly interested in electronics, microcontrollers, sensor networks and rapid prototyping.

feel free to contact me via jabber:


PAQ (possibly arising questions):

why’s everything written in lower case?

what’s a KopfKopfKopfAffe?
that’s german for HeadHeadHeadMonkey which refers to the Three-Headed Monkey from Monkey Island. it has become a common metaphor for an obvious attempt to distract people.


  1. Hi I liked your project “i2c slave”. This project can help my project. Are the schematic and codes are available? Can’t find any download link. Thanks.

    • Sorry, the schematic is lost. For I2C related sourcecode, try this link. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

  2. Hey kopfkopfkopfaffe — it’s Gareth, from MAKE. Can you please email me at I need to get in contact with you.

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